Friday, 11 December 2015

The Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir Chaudhry Abdul Majeed has said "Indian military and paramilitary forces are involved in massive human rights violations in Occupied Jammu and Kashmir

Home - According to a report of Pakistan Radio Majeed was talking to a delegation in Muzaffarabad, where he said "thousands of Kashmiris have embraced martyrdom, disappeared, detained in Indian held territory."

"AJK Prime Minister said unmarked mass graves exposed the real face of India and its secularism in the outside world.

He called upon the international community and world human rights bodies to take notice of the gross human rights violations perpetrated by Indian troops," the report said.

Majeed affirmed determination that liberation struggle would continue until Kashmiris attained their inalienable right to self-determination, it said.

Meanwhile, functions, seminars and rallies were held in Azad Kashmir against gross human rights violations in Indian "Occupied" Kashmir on International Human Rights Day, it added.

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