Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Gilgit Baltistan And Azad Kashmir ask for a separate constitutional status for the two regions

Lawyers and politicians in AJK have vehemently opposed a separate constitutional status for G-B. They believe the move can weaken support for the Kashmir issue. On November 16, AJK former prime minister Sardar Attiq Ahmad Khan said making G-B the fifth province of Pakistan will dent the Kashmir cause.

Speaking to The Express Tribune, G-B Bar Council Vice Chairman Shehbaz Khan said a delegation will be sent to AJK to rally support for G-B’s cause.

“We will request AJK lawyers not to raise objection if G-B is accorded a separate constitutional status,” said Shehbaz. The decision comes a day after the bar council’s annual general meeting in Gilgit.

In addition, lawyers also plan to organise a convention this month in Islamabad. A large number of lawyers from AJK and G-B will participate in the convention.

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